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Chapter 2

Approaching another hour mark, there had been no conversations between the men waiting for their target inside a car.

The inside of the minivan parked on a corner of a quiet residential area was gradually being filled only with irritation.

Arthur, who was sitting in the passenger seat, gave a fleeting look to the clock on the dashboard.

(It’s going to be five hours soon?)

They had taken off from the Cotswold airport in a private jet late at night, and arrived in Haneda airport early in the morning.

The party of Arthur, Edgar and Wolfgang that had arrived in Japan had left the airport by taxi, and driven towards the isolated house they had arranged to borrow for a week beforehand. The reason their destination was not a hotel was that they had taken into account the surrounding eyes. At hotels there was a large number of people staying there, as well as the eyes of the staff.

Considering the goal of their visit to Japan, they wanted to avoid the public notice as much as possible.

After that they went to a rental car place to take out the minivan they had also reserved on the internet. It was a minivan with tinted windows that did not let anyone see into the car from the outside.

They had driven into the residential area with this minivan.

They had also investigated that there was a piece of idle land that had been turned into an unmanned coin-operated parking space on a corner not far away from the house of their target. This could have only been left to chance, but when they had arrived at the scene, luckily, there had been a vacant space in the parking lot. Moreover, it was a good position from which they could see the entryway of the house of their target.

Thanking God, they had parked the minivan. Due to this good luck, the risk that the residents of the neighbourhood would question and report their car for parking on the street for a long time was extinguished.

The driver Edgar had cut off the engine, and with a ready attitude, the war of attrition that consisted of intently continuing to wait for the arrival of their target had begun, but…

“…is he not going to come out?”

Wolfgang emitted from the backseat in an irritated voice, seemingly having finally grown tired of waiting. He was dressed in a black turtleneck sweater, a black down jacket and black pants.

“From the start we were prepared for a war of attrition.”

Edgar calmly replied from the driver’s seat. He was also dressed all in black.

“Well, yea, but…are we sure he lives in that house?”

“There is no mistake about it.”

Edgar answered.

The one who had taken the responsibility of conducting the prior investigation for the sake of capturing the ‘Eve’ was Edgar.

In his mind, Arthur recalled the information Edgar had collected.

“After the attack 17 years ago, the ‘Eve’ – Hayato Jinguuji went through the feminization process and gave birth to twins. The twins’ father was Shirou Gamon. The man who had killed Adrian and Conrad at the time of the attack 17 years ago.”

Wolfgang, whose older brother Conrad had been killed, had emitted a low growl.

“It seems like that Shirou Gamon and Hayato Jinguuji while being both male, have the ‘bondmate’ connection. When grandfather had sniffed out the ‘Eve smell’ on him, he had likely already been pregnant with Gamon’s children. It’s the same case as had once happened with Oswald’s lover Leslie who had gone through feminization when our family had been on the verge of extinction and had given birth.”

After the birth, Hayato Jinguuji had entered the Gamon family register, having become Hayato Gamon, and the two had raised the twins like a real husband and wife.

While the kids had been small they had lived in the Jinguuji house with the grandfather, uncle and the younger brother, 10 years ago they had moved houses and had become independent.

That house was exactly the detached house Arthur and his packmates were currently observing.

According to Edgar’s information Shirou Gamon did not serve in a company, but seemingly worked as a trader from home. Hayato as well, standardly stayed at home while supporting his husband’s job. Nonetheless, it probably wasn’t like he was continuously confined to the house. It was clear he would have to leave the house for things like shopping.

If they observed the entryway, he would definitely exit at some point.

(However…the sky will darken soon.)

Winter days are short. When the sun fell and it got dark, no matter what it would become difficult to see their target. However, attacking in the dark would be convenient…

“Perhaps he had already gone out?”

“Even if that’s the case, he would eventually have to return home.”

“What will we do if he’s traveling?”

“We can only wait for him to return from the trip.”

“If it’s a trip it can take many days.”

“In that case we will watch the house in turns. There are three of us for that reason.”

Arthur sat with folded arms and watched the Gamon house while listening to the exchange between Wolfgang who had evidently lost his power of concentration and had started to quibble and Edgar who was answering him dispassionately, but suddenly he released his arms.


The two were shaken with a twitch.

“Somebody is coming out.”

At Arthur’s cautioning voice, Edgar’s expression stiffened and with Wolfgang as well they leaned their bodies’ forwards across their seats.

Under the three men’s attention, the entryway door opened, and a slender, well-proportioned man appeared from inside of it. Light brown hair and a small white face. Even from afar the fact that he had fine, organized facial features could be understood. He was wearing a short down jacket, and there was a tote bag on his shoulder. It was casual style suited for going to the local supermarket.

“…it’s ‘Eve’.”

Edgar spoke in a subdued voice. The man who was always calm, cool and collected had surprisingly opened his narrow eyes wide, and one could realize he was excited.

“Yea…it’s ‘Eve’.”

After he had swallowed his saliva with a gulp, Wolfgang agreed. Exaltation he was not able to conceal could also be perceived from Wolfgang’s voice.

Edgar and Wolfgang had participated in the attack 17 years ago, and had seen ‘Eve’s’ face. Since the two had said so, there could be no mistake.

(That is…’Eve’.)

Arthur, who had just turned twenty at the time and was the youngest in the family, had been commanded to stay in England, since Oswald had concluded he was too young to join the attack. He had repeatedly pleaded that he wanted to participate as well, but in the end had not received permission.

Consequently, it was his first time seeing ‘Eve’, but in relation to the humiliation the Gosford family had received 17 years ago, he had heard his packmates that had survived speak about him repeatedly in a deeply resentful voice.

He was a being the men of his family desired to the point of betting their lives.

He was a being they had not obtained in the end, even by paying heavy sacrifices.

He had thought that if he was in front of that ‘Eve’ his body would be boiling more strongly from the inside, but…

Unexpectedly realizing how calm he was, Arthur observed the ‘Eve’.

He was not too tall, and from what Arthur could see looked light and delicate. If that was so, and they could steal him even while he was conscious, two people could probably easily hold him. Luckily, there wasn’t a shadow of a person around them.

“Let’s exit.”

Arthur said, and Wolfgang nodded. They had finished arranging their plan before.

“We’re relying on you Edgar.”

“Yeah, I’ll wait with the engine turned on.”

Arthur who had exited the minivan with a wave of his long black coat and Wolfgang followed after ‘Eve’ who had exited the gates and began to walk.

“I’ll go first. You wait here.”

Because two tall foreign men standing in a line in a Japanese residential area would stand out, they were being cautious.


Wolfgang quickly disappeared into a side street.

Arthur, now alone, slipped into the dusk, and gradually carefully shortened the distance between him and the target.


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  1. Wait, when Tachibana looking intently before as well as Takahito saying he looked more like Tachibana mama and so emotionally attachment, I had a guess already but keep asking “But why?”. Now I felt like I understand the reason, but how can Arthur intel get the name as Hayato and not Tachibana? So confusing and oh my… I hope Takahito is an ‘Eve’, because this mistaken identity will bring him many more scars if it is not. And Gosford was a**hole trying to kidnapped a mated and pregnant man just for their own selfishness!

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    1. Takahito looks like his grandfather ( appearance wise). Tachibana is just his uncle in law and Takahito was very attached to him as a child (some kind of puppy love or he just merely loved him as a parent, idk). Arthur knows the name Hayato because his family tried to kidnap him 17 years ago. I think you believe Hayato and Tachibana are the same person, but they’re just brothers in law.

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